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LizR Definition 
Pronunciation: ( el is are )

To Empower. To Motivate Inspire and Give Power Back to the People.
To Shine light on all darkness. Living Life with Confidence and to Triumph 
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Here Are 7 Commandments For What We Represent 

  1. Loyalty iz Royalty 

  2. Life iz Real

  3. Legacy iz Revolutionary

  4. Love iz Respect

  5. Learning iz Resourceful 

  6. Loot iz Ruthless 

  7. Luxury iz Relevant 

Our Mission... 

Our Goal and focus is to Inspire , Empower and  Elevate every human around the galaxies...
We express our design's through  meaning relating to each 7th Slogan or Commandments we have listed. Each Commandment has a significant meaning that relates to the world and everyone that lives in it. We want to unite one another and shine light on all darkness around the globe. Give the people substance , where they feel the Love & Loyalty within our fabrics.Having a sense of  confidence when they wear our gear.
-The sky isn't the limit if theres foot steps on the moon.
Be courageous and victorious in everything you do and touch. Defeat the odds and Triumph overall.  

LizR The Future 

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